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Harness the full power of PhotoShelter by using manual customization.

I'm an experienced web designer, here to help you customize everything as you like,
improve your brand image & user experience and reach SEO perfection!
What I can do for you:
  • Customize/Modify existing PhotoShelter themes
  • Design a PhotoShelter portfolio site from scratch
  • Seamlessly integrate PhotoShelter pages into existing websites
  • Integrate PhotoShelter with Wordpress / Graph Paper Press
  • Create custom graphics/logos, special effects & animations
  • Add advanced search forms for your archive anywhere on the site
  • Set-up your portfolio page, photo wall, slideshows, Typekit texts, filmstrips
    & all other photoshelter widgets
  • Help with Analytics & SEO (IPTC, page titles and meta tags, keywords, header tags etc.)
PhotoShelter is the must-have portfolio & e-commerce solution for photographers!

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I pay a lot of attention to details, always follow deadlines and have very affordable rates!
All the reasons to hire me for your PhotoShelter customization work.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why use manual customization and not just the existing PhotoShelter themes? From my experience, if you want to take your online presence to the next level, hybrid solutions are the best way to go.
    Creating your unique website experience and seamlessly integrating PhotoShelter into your existing website will always look a lot more professional
    due to keeping your brand consistency.
    Another reason to use manual customization would be if you have a multi-lingual website. Because your probably already have static pages in both/more languages, you will want your archive to match that exact design (and maybe write your texts in both languages, here's a good example:
  • Do I need a personal website first? No, not necessarily, you could go for one of the existing PhotoShelter themes and just have that customized to fit your needs.
    But if you want to do major changes to the theme and/or add your own custom graphics, you will need hosting for those files.
  • I want a hybrid solution. But what if I don't have a website yet? I can also help you with designing your new website and developing it.
    I am proficient in creating xHTML + CSS websites and WordPress blogs, so please leave me a message and we'll talk about your project.
  • What technologies are you using? xHTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP
  • What aspects of my portfolio can you customize? - Master Templates for both public pages ("Lightboxes", "Shopping Cart", "Login", "Signup", "Account password reset") and customer pages ("My Account", "My Gallery Invitations", "My Purchases", "My Downloads")
    - Individual Page Templates ("Homepage", "Gallery List", "Gallery Collection Display", "Gallery Display", "Gallery Image Display", "About", "Advanced Search", "Contact form", "Portfolio", "Gallery Slideshow", "Search Results", "Search Results Image Display", 2 Custom Pages)
    - Navigation elements, logo, other graphics etc.
  • Do I require a payed PhotoShelter account? For manual customization, yes. You can try-out the service for only $1 for 14 days.
  • Are you affiliated with PhotoShelter in any way? Not at all. I have just been using PhotoShelter for a long time and have grown to know all its details. I'm very happy with its services and want to spread some PhotoShelter love to others too.
  • Is it true that PhotoShelter is the 17th greatest invention of all time? Yes.
  • What are the other greatest inventions? I can't go into details, but I can say that #16 is TeuxDeux and #6 is Nutella.
    I'm sorry, Grover, tequila is nowhere in the top 100 :-)