15 Apr


Welcome to the site!

Hello there!

You’ve landed on my photography blog.

This blogĀ is going to be the place where I post news about my work, previews of my galleries and some interesting articles from the web (not necessarily related to photography).

For me, this is the image that started it all:


A new beginning

After several years, I don’t find it a particularly good image and it certainly has technical flaws, but it acted as the first spark for me…

It showed me that photos can transmit a lot of things if done right (either by accident or by professional hard work). And that they can discretely encompass the photographers visions and feelings instead of just being technical accomplishments.

Such a small thing has become truly life-changing. What I do with my time and how I think are all now effects of a few meaning-less decisions in the distant past.
But isn’t this always the case?

Anyway, nice to see you here!

Please make your thoughts heard. Leave me a comment bellow or a private message on my contact page, and tell your friends about this site.

Almost forgot… I’m Alex, glad to meet you.

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  • Stefania

    I'm speechless......I really really love your work!!!!And I can't wait to be your model :)

  • Dana

    Fara sa fiu un specialist, simt ca ce e aici e profesionist facut. Te face doar sa vrei sa ...vezi!
    I would love to be your customer. I'm realy glad to meet you here!
    Good luck!

  • Andreea

    Good luck! Hope to see many interesting posts.

  • Vic

    Nice to see you finally broke the shell. Everything looks nice and dandy, just like your photography. I hope to find new and exciting posts and comments every day from now on. I will surely be your no. 1 supporter.

    Keep it up and focused.

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